New Year, New Me


Taking down the Christmas decorations sparked even more joy than putting them up this year.  No, I’m not bah humbug but I really felt my life was just far too busy.  Clearing the clutter and creating space really did give me a completely new perspective. 

Pre-Christmas Zoe and Victoria from Life Edit had spent 2 days de-cluttering with me. 

Wow!  How amazing did I feel getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ I really didn’t want but just somehow couldn’t find the time to clear?  When someone looks you in the eye and asks, ‘do you really need this?’ it’s much harder to justify holding on to items that you really don’t need. 

Apparently, 80% of what we have we don’t use and when we clear the clutter, we spend 40% less time on housework! 

Now when I walk into my office, I feel so inspired, and ready to take on the world.  It’s like we’ve created twice as much space which really does feed the imagination.   I feel like I have so much room to create new ideas and focus on what is important, giving me a sense of inner calm and complete self-control.

Here are LIFE / EDIT’s top tips for clearing up after the Christmas carnage, stopping yourself from drowning in a sea of new toys, gadgets and toiletries and reducing the back to work/school stress!

CATEGORISE Suffice to say that a lot of new items entered your home over the festive period, and you are probably wondering where it’s all going to go. If this is the case the first thing to do is take everything out, categorise the items and visualise how you would like the space to look and function.

ASK YOURSELF IF YOU LIKE IT AND IF IT WORKS When you are trying to decide about whether or not to keep an item, ask yourself: Is it useful or practical and in working condition? and Do I like it? If not then fix, recycle, donate or, as a last resort, bin it.


CONTAIN IT When putting items away, remember that containment and accessibility are key; if you can’t see or get to what you have you’re highly unlikely to use it. Similarly, containing like items together helps your brain take a quick stock check to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Excellent advice girls.  You can check out Life Edit here

I’d love to hear your top decluttering stories; don’t forget to post your before and after pictures –and tag @ktsubags and @lifeedit

Now, if you can excuse me, I’m just off to sort out the bathroom cabinet……………

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