• New Year, New Me

    Taking down the Christmas decorations sparked even more joy than putting them up this year.  No, I’m not bah humbug but I really felt my life was just far too busy.  Clearing the clutter and creating space really did give me a completely new perspective. 

    Now when I walk into my office, I feel so inspired, and ready to take on the world.  It’s like we’ve created twice as much space which really does feed the imagination.   I feel like I have so much room to create new ideas and focus on what is important, giving me a sense of inner calm and complete self-control.


    With Christmas just around the corner I thought I’d put together the perfect gift list for the special woman in your life.  This is my personal take on what to buy for your wife, girlfriend, mum, sister, daughter or best friend.  (Can also double up as a Christmas Wish List when you’re asked what you’d like from Santa……)

    And best of all every single gift is supporting a female-led independent business – what’s not to love!